Lip Reading – An aid to communication

Lipreading can help deaf and hard of hearing people to understand speech

What is lipreading?

Lipreading is reading the visual information of the spoken word. This includes how the lips, tongue and jaw move, as well as facial expressions. When someone is speaking their facial movements, gestures and body language give us clues to help us follow what they are saying. Many hard of hearing people find lipreading helps them to understand more of a conversation; and it may be essential for people with profound deafness.

Will learning lipreading help me?

Yes, learning to lipread can dramatically improve how much you understand, especially when used with a hearing aid. Lipreading can fill in the gaps in noisy social situations with friends and family. It can give you much more confidence at work, in education, or in making use of public services. Lipreading skills can also increase your independence and feelings of self-esteem.

How easy is lipreading to learn?

Most of us have been lipreading for years without knowing it – in noisy pubs, clubs, and places or work or wherever there is background noise. So, in most cases, the lipreading teacher will be helping you to develop a skill that you already have.

Lipreading needs continuous concentration and can be very tiring, and regular practice is important. This will help you to maintain your level of lipreading skill.

For lip reading classes

For free introductory classes contact The lip reading Coordinator, Audiology, Clinic 1, out Patients Dept, Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, Shrewsbury SY38XQ

01743 261482 (voice)

01743 261484 (text)

Other classes are run by;-

In the loop – tutor Sally Joyner


07905 955841

Deaf N Able -tutor Tom Kane


01952 763578