Services We Provide

Public Forum Meetings

There are three public forum meetings each year focusing on issues related to hearing impairment. These meetings are open to anyone who has a hearing impairment, their families and anyone else who wants to find out more about related aspects.  In addition to interesting speakers there is an opportunity for discussion over coffee and tea. We always have a BSL translator at forums to allow sign language users full involvement and if you would like a Lip Speaker please contact us, we also have a loop system operating for hearing aid wearers. The venues we use all have parking and disabled facilities.

Represent the Hearing Imparied Community

We represent the hearing impaired community on a number of committees related to disability issues.

We take forward concerns raised by forum members to the pertinent bodies, inviting representatives to speak at forums to address those concerns if appropriate.

We can provide a speaker to talk to interested groups about deaf awareness, contact us to arrange dates and times.


Deaf Aware Stall

We run a Deaf Aware stall which is taken to various venues around the county. The stall has information boards and leaflets to give away. It is usually staffed by hearing impaired volunteers who have first hand experience of the problems faced.

Deaf Aware Stall

We have all the equipment required for a Deaf Aware stall which we take to various events. This was purchased thanks to a grant from Telford and Wrekin CVS.

The stall can be used indoors or out as we have a gazebo with walls for protection from the elements.

We have a range of leaflets and information sheets to give to interested people but we find the most valuable aspects of manning the stall to be an opportunity to talk through hearing issues with those effected and their families.

We are willing to attend a wide range of events, please contact us to book.

blue stall with deaf aware brochures

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